Please take a moment to review the following policies, as they shall apply to all purchases completed with robbyspring.com (“Spring Curated Jewellery”).


Payment must be made by the purchaser via credit card or PayPal and must be received in full by prior to shipping. Purchase prices do not include shipping and handling charges, which shall be charged separately. The purchaser is responsible for all goods and services tax, harmonized sales tax, sales and all other taxes and duties which apply to the purchase and/or product(s).


The purchaser acknowledges that the product(s) sold by Spring Curated Jewellery are not new and have been subject to wear and tear from use. Each product offered for sale is unique and each may vary in their respective level of delicacy. As such, all products sold by Spring Curated Jewellery are sold without representation or warranty and are sold “as is”. Spring Curated Jewellery shall not assume responsibility to replace or repair any product purchased and shall provide a refund only in accordance with the provisions herein.

Purchasers are advised that all products sold by Spring Curated Jewellery should be handled with extreme care.


Should a purchaser not be satisfied with their purchase, Spring Curated Jewellery shall provide a refund of the purchase price for each product returned (less shipping and handling fees for delivery) upon production of a valid invoice for the purchase and receipt of the product(s) sold in an as-purchased condition within 10 calendar days from the date of delivery of the product(s) to the purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with the return of the product(s) to Spring Curated Jewellery. Should a purchaser wish to initiate a return, the purchaser must contact Spring Curated Jewellery at support@robbyspring.com


Spring Curated Jewellery makes no representation or warranty about the availability of products depicted on its website and reserves the right to alter the description/purchase price of any product listed for sale. Spring Curated Jewellery does not accept liability beyond the remedies provided for herein.